Justin Sun Denies Trying to Sell Huobi to Binance: Valuable Partner

• Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, denied reports that he was attempting to sell the Huobi Exchange.
• Reports indicated that Binance was interested in buying a stake in Huobi.
• Sun stressed the strong relationship between Tron and Binance, saying it was valuable partner.

Justin Sun Denies Selling Huobi

Recently, rumors have circulated that Justin Sun, CEO of Tron and owner of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, had been trying to sell the popular trading platform. However, Sun has come out and publicly denied these claims.

Reports of Binance Interest

Reports indicated that Binance had shown interest in acquiring a stake in Huobi exchange. This speculation caused a stir among crypto traders who speculated about whether or not this would happen.

Sun Calls Binance Valuable Partner

In response to these rumors, Sun took to Twitter and stated: “Binance is a valuable partner for us and we are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with them” He also clarified his position on selling the exchange by stating: “I never made any offer to sell Huobi Global”

Tron-Binance Relationship

The relationship between Tron and Binance goes back several years when they first announced their partnership in 2018. Since then both companies have worked together on numerous projects including launching new tokens as well as listing coins on each other’s exchanges.


It appears that there is no truth to the rumors of Justin Sun attempting to sell Huobi Global Exchange and instead he seems intent on strengthening ties with its long-time partner -Binance .