BitPay introduces mandatory verification

BitPay clients have been urged to switch to other processors amid the introduction of mandatory verification by the service. This is according to a message in the r/Bitcoin subreddit.

On 12 January, BitPay representatives said it had introduced registration with a mandatory email address for security reasons.

For payments of $3,000 or more, users must obtain a BitPay ID. The service requires a photo ID, passport number and selfies. For US residents, the list also includes a national insurance number.

The change has angered some BitPay customers. The author of a Bitcoin Superstar post on Reddit suggested that the company was thus increasing its user base. In his opinion, verification is contrary to the principles laid down in the first cryptocurrency.

„We were supposed to be free to send bitcoin without having to register anywhere,“ the user noted.

He urged customers to boycott BitPay and send a letter to online retailers partnering with the service demanding they switch to other processors.

„Let’s kick them out of this community for good. The last thing we want is for the company to make it harder to use Bitcoin,“ the message reads.

Some users supported not using BitPay. Others commented that integrating cryptocurrencies into the current financial system is their only option.

BitPay previously required verification from corporate customers who used the BitPay Send platform for bulk cryptocurrency payments.

Recall that cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX stopped serving unverified users in December 2020.