Getting involved in face-to-face negotiations with high value is something totally risky.

The year began with the first major theft related to the world of cryptomorphs. This Monday (04), a trader had almost half a million dollars in bitcoins stolen. The event shocked the professionals of the area who emphasized, above all, the importance of not trusting strangers in the internet.

According to the South China Morning Post, the unidentified man made contact with the thieves, who showed themselves to be the supposed buyers of bitcoins and set up a face-to-face meeting to sell the digital coins.

The victim intended to sell 15 bitcoins, being offered for US$ 31,910 each or US$ 478,650 in total (R$ 2,528,189.57). According to the victim, two men arrived in a white car to pick him up. He was waiting for them in a hotel, just before 8pm.

What the police say

The police reported that the man agreed to meet personally with the „buyers“ after a single online conversation. A police source shared information from the initial investigation.

According to the source, the victim received the amount of physical money still inside the car (US$ 478,000) shortly after transferring the bitcoins to the two buyers. The thieves started the car, where it was still, and left while he counted the money.

After walking a 6 km road, the vehicle stopped on a hill, from there, three other men emerged from a second car and stole the man. The victim, forcibly taken out of the car, had the money and two cell phones stolen.

The victim, therefore, was left without the 15 bitcoins, without the R$ 2.5 million in cash and without telephone.

Another police source also informed that the robbery did not involve any weapons and nobody was injured. The case came to police knowledge around 8:48 PM. The victim, who walked for about 5 minutes, stopped a policeman and asked for help.

The police made searches throughout the area, but no arrests had been made until 11:00 this Tuesday (05). The crime squad of the eastern district is in charge of the case and taking the appropriate measures so that the criminals are, above all, found.

A great lesson for all who work with cryptomites

Even if one shouldn’t blame the victim, such an event left a great lesson. To follow the steps taken by this man must be something out of the question when the subject is bitcoin.

„Don’t get involved in high-value negotiations with bitcoin face to face without an armed escort, people,“ warned Jameson Lopp, director of technology and specialist in cryptomoedas.

Getting involved in high-value face-to-face negotiations is totally risky.

Nowadays, the best way to buy and sell Bitcoin Benefit is online. Besides avoiding risks against your physical integrity, it also avoids that you be damaged in relation to values.

Of course, there are those people who prefer to do face-to-face negotiation, however, every care is little, even more now that Bitcoin has surpassed the US$ 30 thousand mark.

Tips to protect yourself from blows

  • If you have cryptomorphs, avoid commenting with other people! If you brag about your earnings or divulge photos about the values you have, you may have turned into a big target for thieves;
  • Never divulge the addresses of your wallet. By doing so you end up becoming a much easier target for criminals. If this information is extremely necessary for some purpose, make sure not to store too many assets in the address;
  • Personal wallet transactions can be viewed publicly. Therefore, if you are planning to move considerable amounts of money from one wallet to another, choose to use an anonymous cryptomeda;
  • Finally, do you think you can be targeted by criminals? The tip is to use a wallet-strike with an amount that compares to your overall wealth. This will allow, in case you suffer a robbery, you to use these funds with the criminals and preserve your real cryptomoeda.