The crypto currency trading and exchange firm, Binance, offers three tips to protect your bitcoins. Through an article published in their blog, the company puts you on guard against some of the factors that could compromise your security.

Good security is one of the key elements to protect your digital coins. Similarly, prevention plays a major role, this being one of the most worrying issues.

Many trading firms such as Binance, offer a reliable and secure platform. However, your security may be at risk due to mistakes you make when handling your cryptomoney. Remember that there are many ways to lose your bitcoins.

Why is prevention important?

One of the characteristics of Bitcoin, and of cryptomontages in general, is the irreversibility of transactions. This means that a wallet error can be expensive. In this case, it’s essential to keep your eyes open and follow tips like those at Binance to protect your bitcoins.

Likewise, the installation of unreliable programs can lead to hackers on your device. In this case, the theft of keys or identity, become very serious factors that compromise your chances of protecting your bitcoins.

In this sense, prevention becomes the best weapon to keep you protected against virtual criminals. With these simple tips, you can substantially increase your level of peace of mind by keeping your crypto coins safe.

It should be kept in mind that the same characteristics that have made crypto currencies great also make them very popular with criminals. With this in mind, Binance offers advice in three areas where security problems are common.

Bitcoin Security: protect your cryptosystems with our tips

Protect your bitcoins with three simple Binance recommendations
The first of the scenarios that can compromise you when it comes to protecting your bitcoins is impersonation. In this type of attempt, the criminal pretends to be an expert in investments, trade and even a popular influence of the cryptosystems.

With this mode, given the difficulty in violating your Bitcoin account protection, the attacker aims to gain your trust. Once this is done, his mission is to obtain your login details to extract your money.

Binance explains that trusted agents never ask for your personal data. Therefore, the first advice to protect your bitcoins, is to keep your personal information confidential and try not to enter unsecured links. In addition, you should never share your personal information with third parties, services or so-called „experts“.

Cases of this type of attack on the security of your Bitcoin Era can be counted in the millions. The high number of victims has prompted companies like Binance to promote actions to protect your bitcoins.

Recently, the CEO of CriptoTendencia, Andrés Tejero, published an article about a robbery attempt with this modality that a criminal tried to perpetrate against him. The person pretended to be an „Iranian“ investor in an important fund company and his intention was to take at least $1,000 in Bitcoin.